Castell del Remei GOTIM BRU

Finca Castell del Remei s/n, Castell del Remei, 25333 - (Lleida)


Cabernet sauvignon | Garnacha tinta | Syrah | Tempranillo |

Elaborated by white varieties cultivated in the vineyards of the ancient agricultural colony of Castell del Remei, this wine is a white with remarkable freshness with an exotic and persistent personality.

It has a pale gold colour, clear and shiny, with greenish highlights, an aromatic expression with traces of tropical fruits (pineapple, passion fruit) and floral emphasis which allows us to find persistent notes of fresh grass and white fruit (pear, green apple).

Is fresh in mouth is tasty, well-balanced, with adequate acidity and persistence.

vins_del_celler Castell del Remei