Castell del Remei 1780

Finca Castell del Remei s/n, Castell del Remei, 25333 - (Lleida)


Cabernet sauvignon | Garnacha tinta | Merlot | Tempranillo |

Rounded and elegant, the sublime red wine of Castell del Remei is a result of an equilibrated association between autochthonous and bordeaux varieties together with a patient ageing in barrels.

It presumes of an intense cherry colour, with shining highlights that bring vivacity to the proper tone of evolution.

The aromatic palette abounds richness and complexity, with smoked notes and spices proper of the ageing together with notes of balsamic, minerals and candied fruit. Its pass through mouth is majestic, really prolonged, and generous in memories of dried fruit.

vins_del_celler Castell del Remei