L'Olivera cooperativa

La Plana s/n, Vallbona de les Monges, 25268 - (Lleida)

973 330 276


The Olivera is a small social labour cooperative born on 1974 with the aim of cultivating the crops of the area. In 1989 decided to invest in the construction of a winery to produce six wines white and two sparkling wines from the grapes from its vineyards, with the philosophy of creating elaborate own quality wines controlled at all stages of production - from the cultivation of land to own commercialization - elaborate looking for at the same time to define a unique within the broad panorama of wine products. Currently, we have expanded the cellar, with bioclimatic energy, in order to obtain a zero balance of CO2 emissions, to produce red sweet wines and also to consolidate the existing wines.




Wines L'Olivera cooperativa