Agropecuària Les Pletes NEGRE BREGOLAT

Carretera L, 512, Artesa de Segre, 25730 - (Lleida)


Cabernet sauvignon | Garnacha tinta | Merlot | Syrah |

Of an intense colour with shades of red and reflexes of cream color. Abundant tear and persistent.

Pleasant notes of toasted dried fruit wrapped with the toffee, coffee, and chocolate that give to the aromas of black fruit can be seen on the nose (die, endrin) and licorice. In the mouth is fresh, with a present but at the same time elegant and soft tannin. Gliceric notes give it a good step by mouth.

Long and persistent aftertaste.

Pairing Ideal to accompany cured cheeses and all types of meat, especially hunting, red meat and roasts.

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