Mas L’Aranyó, Juneda, 25430 - (Lleida)

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Familia Torres built the Purgatori winery on the historical Mas de l'Aranyó estate. Seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, it not only preserves the old farmhouse built by the Abbey of Montserrat two-and-a-half centuries ago but celebrates its winemaking heritage as well.


Built according to energy-efficient criteria, it also includes a self-consumption photovoltaic system that reflects Familia Torres's environmental commitment and its efforts to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change.


The continental climate, the striking shifts in daytime and nighttime temperature and the distribution of the vineyard on three different levels make the Les Garrigues estate one of Familia Torres's finest in terms of quality. In addition, it provides an excellent site for conducting field research with revived ancestral varieties and studying how the vines adapt to climate change.