Vinya l'Hereu de Seró PETIT GREALÓ

C/ Molí s/n, Artesa de Segre, 25739 - (Lleida)


Cabernet sauvignon |

A bright cherry colored wine with some dark purple reflexes.

Thanks to the most careful elaboration, this wine disposes of a very ample spectrum of different flavors. First of all, we notice a smell of red and black berries. Dominating are blackberries and cherries. Later on, we also find the smell of wild blackberries. Different aspects of this typical “terroir” are remembered by sweet balsamic and menthol flavors.

In the mouth we realize all the power of this well equilibrated wine and all the many different flavors before its lasting finish.

To enjoy this wine entirely, we recommend all kind of baked meals but also red meat or duck