Antoni Giribet GÍNJOL

C/ Verge de l'Horta, 16, Preixana, 25263 - (Lleida)


Syrah |

HAPPIER THAN A "TREE". Be more joyful than a tree! Forget serious and unibrow people and uncover the joy of this bottle. Because this wine makes you happy... without drinking it! Jump, dance, sing, laugh... drink wine and live!

At first is a warm wine. It has a marked tannin with good tenacity and grease that fills our mouth. We also find a well‐integrated acidity that brings freshness. It is a long and persistent wine that lets us savour it for a long time.

This wine goes very well with both red meats and game. It can also hold succulent stews well.

Between 16 and 18ºC .

Consume preferentially between 2017 and 2022.

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