Casa Patau

C/ Costa del Senyor s/n, Menàrguens, 25139 - (Lleida)

973 180 367


Casa Patau is a small family winery, located in Menarguens in the region of la Noguera, between Lleida and Balaguer. It belongs to the Costers del Segre D.O. within the sub-zone of Artesa de Segre. Since 2001 it produces wines from its own vineyards, following a traditional process, all while respecting the environment, without applying herbicides or chemical fertilizers. On the cultivation of the vines are all agricultural practices necessary to achieve the highest quality vintage: vintage green pruning, hand picking, etc. The care in this process, in addition to the soil properties with continental climate, strong sunstroke with a large thermal contrast, cold winters and hot summers, makes us obtain high-quality wines.

Casa Patau Winery currently has a capacity of 1155 Hl and has a room for wine aging with barrels of French Allier oak. The Winery is open to the public every Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00.





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